Alchemist Productions provides an uniquely curated experience with expansive sculptural art installations. Alchemist takes sculptural art installations into commercial businesses, private homes, a multitude of windows for retailers and event spaces allowing the conceptual work to be experienced outside the traditional gallery venue. We fuse bespoke installation art with your specific brand identity to create branded content. Looking to elevate the experience? Design consultations are available to connect the dots, we are here for you.


Photography in collaboration with Ali Kesner of Kesner Creative  


Alchemist Productions will work with you on the creative journey for your project with the specialization of building community through experience. We curate art installations that will transform your specific event space into an unparalleled sensory experience. Aesthetic meets function. 



We research theme, presentation, and creative inspiration through optimistic color stories, elevated textures, and design elements to customize and achieve the goals of each unique project. From spacial lay-out solutions to high quality presentation, we intergrate your needs with the experience your clients want.



From handmade sculptures to site-specific art installation we utilize purposeful materials and processes to make it happen within your space and budget. Highly curated visual presentation allows us to ensure your brand has a tailored experience. This is what makes Alchemist Productions one of kind.